AGAHE (Association of Gender Awareness and Human Empowerment)

Established in 2004 and registered with Societies Act 1860 since 2007, AGHAE is a not-for-profit organization contributing to sustainable development of the most marginalized segments of society through its core program areas of WASH, Health & Nutrition, Governance and Education. AGAHE’s struggle for sustainable development has provided millions of people including men, women, youth and children with access to adequate and equitable resources for improvement in their life through integrated approached for sustainable development. On the other hand, AGAHE through its participatory approaches strives to create linkages of local populations to state departments as a means of bridging the gap between state and public. Gender Equality, Equity and Inclusion and Environmental Protection are cross-cutting themes with AGAHE for a balanced and enabling society.



To create an enabling environment for vulnerable segments of society where they can utilize their full potential for improvement in their lives and have equal opportunities to safe guard their rights.



To optimize the intangible resources of individuals, organizations and institutions to achieve maximum efficiency.



  • Improve participation and representation of marginalized communities in decision making.
  • Social development of marginalized communities.
  • Economic development of poorest of the poor.
  • AGAHE as a sustainable development training/resource center offering specialized services.


  • To encourage and facilitate the vulnerable segments of society to participate in decision making process.
  • To bring positive behavior change among community through awareness programs in relation to human rights associated with health, education and other social issues.
  • To create linkages among community and government departments.
  • To mobilize community to drink safe water, use sanitary latrines, adopt hygienic behaviors and keep the environment clean.
  • To help children in getting better education and in playing active role in social development process.
  • To facilitate community, especially women, to start income generation activities through provision of micro credit facilities, training and market linkages.

Featured News

Day Awareness

MHM Day Awareness Event 2017

AGAHE in association with Women development department celebrated its Menstrual Hygiene Management Awareness Day on the 25th of May, 2017 at DOME Hall in the Royal Palm Golf and Country ...
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city wide approach

City Wide Approach for Improved WASH services in Tehsil Jatoi

On the 20th of July 2017, AGAHE held an Inception Workshop at Aagosh Hotel, Muzaffargarh. The workshop was meant to create a common understanding and support of the project amongst ...
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Orientation for MC Jatoi

AGAHE Staff on Component Sharing Model

A 4-day training was conducted at the OPP-RTI office in Karachi, as part of the WaterAid funded project “City Wide Approach to Improved WASH Services Jatoi”. The purpose of the ...
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Featured Success Stories

aspiration reality

Aspiration into Reality

Aspiration into Reality Ms. Neelam Hayat (President Women Wing – PTI) Women’s social empowerment is linked with the fact that their needs are better represented at decision making level and they have a due share in the decisions taken for them. Around the world women have faced harsh realities and ...
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sky is limit

Sky is the Limit

Sky is the Limit  Aafia Huma – Aspiring Woman from PML (N) Pakistan’s commitments at international level in the form of CEDAW to end discrimination in every walk of life has though significantly improved women’s representation in electoral process yet the gap still resides in the form of structural inequalities ...
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Visionary Challenges At An End

Visionary challenges at an End Shaheen Talat – PPP (Multan) The role of women in Political fields has been extensively manipulated in terms of involving them only for campaigning and arranging party events. They spend their whole lives as a party worker but never get a chance to have a ...
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art mhm

Three Junior Drawing Artists & MHM

Visual arts have been an important source of expressing feelings and emotions for ages and when the artist starts telling the story in colors, it does not have an end. AGAHE in partnership with WaterAid in Pakistan is implementing a project around menstrual hygiene management in which a large number ...
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Mobilizing communities worked differently

Mobilizing Communities Worked Differently

Govt. Elementary School Noor Kubra is located in Union Council Basira of Tehsil & District Muzaffargarh Garh. The school building consists of 4 class rooms and the number of students is more than 300. AGAHE in partnership with WaterAid in Pakistan has been implementing “Ensuring Girls rights through school and ...
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Replication of AGAHE Model of Latrine

Southern Punjab has not been a privileged place in terms of facilities of health and hygiene for urban as well as far flung rural communities. Furthermore, the generations have been living below the poverty line to find themselves a solution to poverty and its evils. Not only this the particular ...
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