Aspiration into Reality

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Aspiration into Reality

Ms. Neelam Hayat (President Women Wing – PTI)

Women’s social empowerment is linked with the fact that their needs are better represented at decision making level and they have a due share in the decisions taken for them. Around the world women have faced harsh realities and environment to protect the rights of women from which starts from suffrage (Right to Vote) to women’s involvement in decision making.


Pakistan is one of the countries which has made a slow pace in the political empowerment of women but the history has seen remarkable women on key leadership positions perusing their way to national and international politics and being the change-makers of the state. AGAHE and UNDP aspires to bring such women on front line by training them around the key aspects of politics, election process and empower them to hold election office and be the part of decision making process .The project titled “ASPIRING WOMEN CANDIDATES TRAINING” is a link to politically empower the women through training them on basic skills of electoral process.


Neelam Hayat is one of the Aspiring Women candidate who attended training from the platform of PTI. She is President Women Wing Lahore and aspires to hold election office in future by becoming the part of the election process. She shared that the training has been an effective mechanism of learning many things she was unaware of before despite of being on a senior position in the party. She said that the training was well-designed for everyone to easily understand the content, process, prose and cones and everything which relates to electoral process. She appraised AGAHE and UNDP to jointly work for the political empowerment of women of the district so that they may emerge as leaders in future.

s“Women though work from dawn to dusk for the betterment of home and sometimes for the society and sometimes for establishing an Empire but what lacks is the recognition – this is the time when a women needs to realize her own importance to contribute to the national development by being the part of the national mainstream of politics as this is the only way she can be acknowledged for her efforts socially – I’ve been able to learn many things through the training and I would implement each one of them in my election campaign in coming elections”

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