Awareness of AGAHE

"Aaghosh" Health Project Dera Ghazi Khan

The maternal mortality rate of 276 per 100,000 live births is higher than other neighboring South Asian countries. Very high fertility rates, a high unmet need for family planning and very low rates of skilled birth attendance are some of the fundamental underlying causes for the poor health of women and children in Pakistan. There are numerous additional factors affecting this situation, including political instability, poor awareness in the community, rising religious conservatism and militancy, a vastly under-resourced public social sector, and a poorly functioning public sector health service delivery system at the district level. According to the survey of population council for PAIMAN project 600 women died among every 100,000 deliveries in rural community of district Dera Ghazi Khan. The major cause of these deaths is poor awareness level regarding the subject, illiteracy, Feudalism and poor health seeking behavior among the community.Awareness

In the Aaghosh Health Project AGAHE started its work in October 2008 and started its interventions in the community. Kubbi Wala is a location situated in UC Paiganh where AGAHE has started its interventions. On 27th May 2009 health session was conducted in this location. A woman name Ms. Fiza Wife of Ijaz Hussain also attended the session. After that session she asked to her husband about the danger signs in her pregnancy. Mr. Ijaz Hussian husband of Ms. Fiza took her to the hospital and doctor examined her. After the checkup doctor told that baby is mal positioned and the delivery will be held at home. Now they are aware about the complication in the pregnancy of Ms. Fiza and they have completed delivery preparedness to face any difficult situation. According to Mr. Ijaz Hussain they did not give little importance to these matters before this but after the interventions of AGAHE in Aaghosh Project people are well aware about the antenatal checkups and health of pregnant women. The Expected date of delivery of Fiza 16th August and they have completed delivery preparedness plan i.e arrangement of transport, arrangement of money, concerned health facility, availability of doctor at the health facility.