Awareness Raising through Health Sessions

Awareness Raising through Health Sessions

Shahal Wala is the village of union council Khakhi where people are very rigid and having non serious attitude about the women health. In this area people were not willing for TT vaccination. Mr. Ghulam Sarwar landlord of the Shahal wala says "Vaccination is actual family planning activity and behind vaccination government is doing family planning and population control"
Similarly mostly people have same thinking about the vaccination. According to the BHU Khakhi Vaccinator Langar Khan that Shahal Wala is tough area for me and people do not want vaccinate to their women.

These circumstances were very alarming for AGAHE team so Mr. Ghulam Sarwar CHP Aaghosh Health Project and Ms. Afifa Sultana CHP started the health sessions in this area. But before this it was very difficult to motivate the community for health sessions.
AGAHE team made a plan for beginning the sessions in the effected location.
First of all they collect the data from BHU Khakhi about the people who are educated and vaccine their women.

Awareness Raising through Health Sessions 2

Mr. Rehmat Ullah, Muhammad Arshad, Javed Iqbal, Arshad Hussain and Mureed Hussain were the persons who were literate persons and willing to start the health sessions in Shahal Wala. So AGAHE team stated the health sessions in Shahal Wala with the help of these persons. Mr. Rehmat Ullah motivated the people for health sessions. He told them that health session is beneficial for health of our children and women. People started to come in health sessions.

When people came in health sessions and listen about the reproductive health care and the precautionary measurement for pregnant women they permitted to conduct the health sessions for women. So Ms. Afifa Sultana Community Health Promoter (CHP) Aaghosh Health project also started the health sessions in women.

In the last sessions people were very polite and were very thankful to AGAHE team for improving their knowledge and changing the behavior regarding reproductive health and TT vaccination.
After the health sessions in the next month when Mr. Langar Khan Vaccinator BHU Khakhi went in this location he says "I saw the clear change in the people of Shahal Wala regarding vaccination of children and women and it start to increase gradually quantity of vaccination after AGAHE team health sessions"