Goals & Objectives


Our vision is to create an enabling environment for vulnerable segments of society where they can utilize their full potential for improvement in their lives and have equal opportunities to safe guard their rights.


Our mission is to optimize the intangible resources of individuals, organizations and institutions to achieve maximum efficiency.


  • Social development of marginalized communities through mobilization, group formation and capacity development.
  • Improve participation and representation of marginalized communities in local governance systems, structures and other policy forums.
  • Economic development of poor community through mobilization group formation, capacity development, and economic support and ensure basic livelihood.
  • To develop AGAHE as a sustainable development training/resource centre offering specialized services in Advocacy, Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Networking & Linkages and other essential social services



  • To bring positive behaviour change among community through awareness programs in relation to human rights associated with health, education and other social issues.
  • To mobilize community to drink safe water, use sanitary latrines, adopt hygienic behaviours and keep the environment clean.
  • To encourage and facilitate the vulnerable segments of society to participate in decision making process.
  • To help children in getting better education and in playing active role in social development process.
  • To create linkages among community and government departments.