Success Stories

Enabling Entrepreneurship for Women

In addition to global employment challenges in rural Pakistan, women are more prone to mal-practices around employment and self-help business. Despite of not being in the mainstream of developed employment and business, the chores women perform during their domestic routines are far more than men do. Their weekly working hours are more than an average of men’s three- four weeks’ work in these rural areas.  Limited income generation opportunities, issues around acceptance and then control over what is earned along-with exploitation from middle men further increases their vulnerability to access to market for developing linkages. This issue is coupled withRead More

Another Hike to the Destiny

Another Hike to the Destiny Madiha Rehman (Multan) PML – N Women political empowerment is a pre-requisite for nation building when it comes to democracy and right decision making for the groups with which the decision is related to. As the women contribute to more than half of the country’s population, it is necessary that the women are given due share in decision making so that the policies are effective and are implemented with their true spirit. MadihaRehman (PML – N) is one of the women who want to set examples for the women that the women’s role is important whatsoever the task orRead More

Acting Agent of MHM

Culturally established beliefs, less acceptability level among the communities about raising and highlighting reproductive health issues is a major challenge in many parts of the world. Menstrual hygiene management is one of those issues which have never been given due consideration due to cultural taboos associated with them. Same situation prevails in southern part of Punjab especially in Muzaffargarh where women have no capacity to deal with these issues even with their fellow beings. They have been practicing things that have been in practice for centuries i.e. considering menstruation as an illness/disease, refraining from taking part in many activities dueRead More

Cleanliness is Power

Absence of WASH facilities has always been a contributing factor in school drop-out rate and increased absenteeism among students at all ages.  Maktab School Mitho Khan Wala situated in Uc Bait Qaim Wala Tehsil KotAdu District MuzaffarGarh was facing the same situation where the total number of students is 73 and this number decreasing rather than increasing for years now. The students including female children and teachers themselves had to go to open fields for defecation because of non-functional wash facilities at school..Despite of all efforts to reduce the drop out and absence rate among students, the Head Teacher reportedRead More

Girl’s Right to Disability Inclusive WASH Facilities

In many developing countries including Pakistan, the lack of appropriate and adequate sanitation facilities prevent many girls from attending school due to culturally established myths and stereotypes regarding menstruation and girls’ puberty.  For disable girls, this time is rather more difficult because of their special needs. AGAHE in partnership with WaterAid in Pakistan is implementing a projvct titled “Ensuring girls’ rights to school and community based WASH and improved menstrual hygiene management” in Muzaffargarh. One of the major activities of the project is the construction/rehabilitation of sanitation facilities including MHM and hand washing facilities. Sanitation facilities for girls have been constructedRead More

First Step Towards Hygiene

Strengthening the habits of washing hands among students need early childhood demonstrations and due time to reinforce this habit for life time. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country people do not engage their children in this early childhood training which results in major infectious diseases among children. This continuous because of the negligence at school level as teachers also do not pay attention if the children are washing hands after using washroom and before every meal as they are not trained to do so. Sumaira was one of those students living in school in Bangla Hinjrai, Union Council Hinjrai. BelongingRead More

Linking Health and Hygiene with Small scale business

Traditional hesitation, affordability in the areas with people’s limited purchasing power and accessibility in remote areas creates problems when it comes to the use of things related to important matters i.e. health, sanitation and hygiene. This situation prevailed in the communities of Muzaffargarh before AGAHE in partnership with WaterAid started implementing a project at school and community level around school and community based WASH ensuring improved menstrual hygiene management. Overall focus of the project is to ensure availability of WASH facilities in 50 schools and their adjacent communities so that the girls may practice their menstrual hygiene effectively and may beRead More

MHM Groups at School Level

AGAHE in partnership with WaterAid in Pakistan has been implementing project based on improved WASH facilities for children and menstrual hygiene management for adolescent girls (in-out of school). For this purpose a number of girls have been involved at school level in order to promote health and hygiene at school and to ensure that the facilities have been taken care of and are maintained effectively. School level interventions have further been guarded by MHM groups at schools so that the girls may ensure ownership to the intervention and take care of the facility that has been provided for their use. TheseRead More

Replication of AGAHE Model of Latrine

Southern Punjab has not been a privileged place in terms of facilities of health and hygiene for urban as well as far flung rural communities. Furthermore, the generations have been living below the poverty line to find themselves a solution to poverty and its evils. Not only this the particular said belt has been facing negligence on the part of infrastructure, education, health and hygiene, social well-being and other facilities. Health and hygiene has been specifically a marginalized sector for a long time now that has increased in number of deaths, diarrheal diseases, skin infections and hepatitis among people especiallyRead More

Mobilizing Communities Worked Differently

Govt. Elementary School Noor Kubra is located in Union Council Basira of Tehsil & District Muzaffargarh Garh. The school building consists of 4 class rooms and the number of students is more than 300. AGAHE in partnership with WaterAid in Pakistan has been implementing “Ensuring Girls rights through school and community based WASH and improved menstrual hygiene management” in Muzaffargarh district of Punjab, Pakistan. An important component of the project is related to capacity building through extensive social mobilization of the school girls and adjacent communities. Health and hygiene sessions with Peer Support Groups, teachers and community women enabled them toRead More

Three Junior Drawing Artists & MHM

Visual arts have been an important source of expressing feelings and emotions for ages and when the artist starts telling the story in colors, it does not have an end. AGAHE in partnership with WaterAid in Pakistan is implementing a project around menstrual hygiene management in which a large number of adolescent girls (in-school and out of school), community women and teachers have been reached ensuring facilities of safe drinking water, girls friendly toilets and construction/rehabilitation of water supply schemes in these schools. These girls have also been reached in order to ensure that malpractices around menstruation and reproductive health mayRead More

Visionary Challenges At An End

  Visionary challenges at an End Shaheen Talat – PPP (Multan) The role of women in Political fields has been extensively manipulated in terms of involving them only for campaigning and arranging party events. They spend their whole lives as a party worker but never get a chance to have a ticket from their party to contest elections. This ultimately snubs their ability to work and promote the learnings from their political experience into their lives on positive notes. Shaheen Talat (PPP – Multan) is one of such women who always remained party workers and never were provided with any capacity building initiative inRead More

Sky is the Limit

Sky is the Limit  Aafia Huma – Aspiring Woman from PML (N) Pakistan’s commitments at international level in the form of CEDAW to end discrimination in every walk of life has though significantly improved women’s representation in electoral process yet the gap still resides in the form of structural inequalities of politics. This gap doesn’t only hinders women progress and due share in the political process but also deteriorates the measures of equality taken by the government in the outset of its international commitments. At present, In National Assembly of Pakistan 60 women are present on reserved seats however, only 9 outRead More

Aspiration into Reality

Aspiration into Reality Ms. Neelam Hayat (President Women Wing – PTI) Women’s social empowerment is linked with the fact that their needs are better represented at decision making level and they have a due share in the decisions taken for them. Around the world women have faced harsh realities and environment to protect the rights of women from which starts from suffrage (Right to Vote) to women’s involvement in decision making. Pakistan is one of the countries which has made a slow pace in the political empowerment of women but the history has seen remarkable women on key leadership positions perusing their wayRead More