Visionary Challenges At An End



Visionary challenges at an End

Shaheen Talat – PPP (Multan)

The role of women in Political fields has been extensively manipulated in terms of involving them only for campaigning and arranging party events. They spend their whole lives as a party worker but never get a chance to have a ticket from their party to contest elections. This ultimately snubs their ability to work and promote the learnings from their political experience into their lives on positive notes.

Shaheen Talat (PPP – Multan) is one of such women who always remained party workers and never were provided with any capacity building initiative in order to enhance their skill set and contest elections. She always remained on the back-foot and faced discriminations within the party as she wasn’t aware of the protocols, procedures and relevant knowledge regarding submission of nomination papers and contest elections.

On completion of training she shared that she would contest for MPA in General Elections of 2018. She added that before this training she supposed herself as good party worker only but now her vision has been magnified as there is nothing which she had not done before when she was only a worker.

Shaheen Talat appreciated the efforts of UNDP and AGAHE in order to stimulate the courage among hundreds of women for practicing their right not only to vote but use their vote to enter into political mainstream and positively affect the decision making power.